Top Types of VOD (Video On Demand) Offers in 2022

What Types of VOD (Video On Demand) Offers are Available?

Do you have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, or HULU? If so, you already know what Video On Demand offers to look like. Now’s your chance to start promoting them! 


VOD is more than just Films and TV Shows, it includes all streaming content and there’s an offer for every type of user! 

In this article, we’ll look at the different types of VOD offers available and how you can market them to your chosen target audiences. 

Did you know that running VOD Offers gives you access to much more than just video?

VOD covers all streaming services but is very closely related to Content Download Services (CDS). So, if you have a funnel for VOD, you can also easily run CDS offers for music, audiobooks, e-books, and much, much more!  

Video on Demand services allows users to stream content directly onsite. Whereas Content Download Services (CDS) enable users to download the content they want, allowing for offline experiences. 

Both VOD and CDS can be promoted on the same traffic sources and have the same publishers, so there’s no need to switch up your funnel when trying different offers. 

TV Shows and Movies

TV and films are the most popular VOD offer because they can appeal to anyone. Regardless of your favorite genres, most platforms will have shows you and your friends and family can enjoy. 

However, because TV and Movie platforms are so popular, it’s also where you’ll run up against the most competition when running VOD offers. After all, these are the spaces of Amazon Prime, Disney+( one of the top-performing right now), and Netflix to name just a few! That means you’ll need to find new and unique angles to persuade people to sign up through you. 


When it comes to running TV and Movie VOD offers, content is king. People want to know if their needs will be met before they sign up, and the best way to do that is to review things featured on the platform. 

It’s also a good idea to test out search traffic, to help you find people who are hungry to watch specific shows. 


People will pay lots of money to watch their favorite sporting events, but now, thanks to Sports VOD offers, they can’t watch all of their favorite sports whenever they want for one-single monthly payment. 

Gone are the days of paying $50 to watch one boxing match at 5 am or spending hours searching for a free low-quality Livestream that cuts out at key moments. Now, you can give people exactly what they want when they want it! 


A great way to advertise sporting VOD offers is to pay close attention to which events are likely to draw the biggest crowds and then use them as the base for your campaigns. 

Target keen fans of football with full access to the Champions League Final or get to the green with global golf tournaments. Whatever sport you choose be sure to know what events of on and when and then target the audiences actively looking to watch. 

Fitness and Health

Global lockdowns meant that more and more people were looking for ways to exercise at home. Now, with more sources than ever ready to help people get into shape without leaving the house, health and fitness VOD offers are increasing in popularity. 

There are tons of home workout tutorials, diet plans, and life coaches now available through streaming sites, giving people the opportunity to work on self-improvement at home. 


Whether you want to target people looking to lose weight, build muscle or work on their mental health and wellbeing, there’s something for everyone when it comes to fitness and health VOD. 

For this niche, try targeting broad and see if you can discover new audiences that you didn’t know existed. There are a ton of different angles you can use, but first, you need to uncover why people want to change and then target their reasons for doing so. This will allow you to hit really precise pain points and boost your conversion rates. 


People are always looking to learn new things and make changes to their careers. Now, you can help them thanks to educational VOD offers. There are a lot of great platforms out there that offer expert professional guidance through online courses. 

Whether people want to get online degrees or just learn how to change a tire, there are plenty of practical videos available to everyone at all skill levels.   


When it comes to education, the sky’s the limit, you just have to figure out what people want to know. 

Whenever people want the answer to a question, the first thing they’ll do is ask Google, therefore, search is probably going to be the best traffic source for educational VOD offers. If you can help people find the answers to their questions then you can funnel them to your offer. 


There are VOD offers for anything and everything, and it’s up to you to choose the ones you want to run! To get access to a whole range of VOD offers and discover just how exciting a vertical it is to work in, contact FlowNetwork today and we’ll get you started, or just make a sign up on our website:

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